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About Us

Grilling is not just about being passionate; experience also matters. ER BBQ was created by zealous seasoned smoke masters, inspired by the desire to share what we know and have learned over 10 years with our BBQ fans.

We understand your passion for grilling just like we are. And that’s why we’ve dedicated our expertise, research findings, and other resources to help you choose the right grilling and smoking equipment. We go beyond that to deliver some of the best BBQ recipes to make your outdoor living one of a kind.

Expert Advice on Everything BBQ

The market is full of thousands of different barbecue essentials, each claiming to do a wonderful job. We understand how daunting it can be to make a choice, especially if you are just getting started with your backyard hobby.

With our detailed reviews, we can help you choose from the largest collection of high-end grills, smokers, and other backyard essentials. We do not only do that, but we can also link you to grilling enthusiasts with expertise and first-hand experience of our products.

And after settling on a particular grill and having your outdoor kitchen ready, you can always come back to ER BBQ for expert grilling recipes and tips. You can rely on us to get the most out of your new grilling gear.

Our Team

ER BBQ was created by a team of outdoor grilling enthusiasts who wanted to share what they’ve learned and deemed the best grilling practices with BBQ fans. What started as a weekend routine of meeting up with friends to grill our favorite steaks is now a living brand, inspiring thousands of other grilling aficionados across the globe. Today, ER BBQ goes beyond providing grilling advice to helping you choose the right barbecue essentials.

Adam Bradley

Adam is an outdoor foodie with about 7 years of grilling experience. As a seasoned BBQ master chef, Adam brings on board various grilling tips, tricks, and advice that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Since he has grilled and smoked with hundreds of different brands, Adam also doubles as a BBQ equipment expert.

Tom Watkins

Tom is an expert researcher and editor on leisure cooking and outdoor living. Having served as a writer and editor for different media outlets, he brings on board a lot of expertise in research backed by science. When not researching, Tom likes to travel and meet new friends.

Our Mission

ER BBQ wants to empower all grilling enthusiasts to make the tastiest food barbecues through research-backed and expert tips and grill buying guides. We aim to make our content the ultimate go-to resource when thinking about grilling or smoking your favorite outdoor treats.

Our Team

In a world where everything is changing rapidly, it can be difficult to remain objective. At ER BBQ, we stick to our beliefs the same way your BBQ sauce is sticky. We cherish making great memories with friends over tasty BBQ steaks. And always on the path to ensuring you have all it takes to make that BBQ great.

Through our value of lifelong friendship, we’ve managed to come this far to share what we know to help you enjoy the same great outdoor living experience.

What We Do

ER BBQ is made up of a team of BBQ veterans, writers, and editors with extensive expertise in producing and publishing highly engaging lifestyle content. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical levels in bringing our research-backed content to BBQ fans.

We operate independently, we’re unbiased and don’t promote products from the brands listed on our website. Instead, we only aim at helping you, the grilling enthusiast, make the best decision to enhance your outdoor living experience.

Every piece of content on ER BBQ is backed by expert research, industry expertise, and actual testing of grilling essentials and recipes. We enforce strict guidelines to ensure every piece of advice you get is timely, accurate, and verified by our master smokers.

We Are Ready To Serve You

ER BBQ is always ready to deliver the best advice and assistance to grilling enthusiasts. We have experienced teams ready to help you with all your grilling and smoking activities. Apart from extensive knowledge of different equipment, our team is also downright fun to engage with.

We have availed different ways through which you can reach us, including our open phone lines, and social media. We’re here to serve you.